What to do when a client says you are too expensive

Have you had clients tell you that you are too expensive? Honestly we would be shocked if you haven’t. 

Discussions like this are often followed up with a negotiation with you ending up reducing your price and feeling a bit crap about that.

So what should you do when someone says they can’t afford your prices?

In our FREE guide we are going to tell you EXACTLY how to deal with a client who tells you your prices are too high, your proposal is too expensive and they just can’t afford you.

This FREE PDF guide explains the 7 things you should do the next time you face objections based on price.

We’ve also included a handy printable poster to stash in your diary or stick on your wall so you can always respond if a client pulls you up on price.

We are Laura + Laura, founders of THE HUB where we provide online support and training for social media managers.

We’ve been in this industry long enough to have dealt with a few ‘it’s too expensive’ objections so we know how to handle them. Now you will too.