Learn to create High performing Facebook ads and go beyond the boost button!

Social Media Managers & VAs… 

Are your clients asking you to boost posts or create Facebook ads but you feel as though your understanding let’s you down when it comes to spending their budget wisely?  Maybe just looking at Facebook ads manager brings you out in a hot sweat!

Read on if you want to take your career to the next level by being able to confidently create highly converting Facebook and Instagram ads for your clients, which in turn can increase your income.

Business Owners…

Are you sick of wasting money on boosting posts or creating Facebook & Instagram ads that never seem to bring you any sales? 

If you are fumbling about in the dark in ads manager and winging it, hoping for the best then read on.

This course is about to change the way you advertise forever so that you’ll be able to create ads that actually work for your business!


Grow your understanding of Facebook & Instagram ads over 6 weeks, so that you’ll be able to confidently create ad campaigns that convert.

“There isn’t anything Laura [Davis] doesn’t know about Facebook ads.  I have learnt so much more than I realised there was to know. If you are winging it like I was, you need her in your life” Chelle Jones

Why should you take this course?


If you would love to be assured that lining Zuckerberg’s pockets was also helping to line your own then you are going to need to know how to create Facebook ads that get a great return.

No more winging it and hoping for the best and then cringing when the Facebook invoice lands in your inbox… or worst still your clients!  

Instead, head confidently into Facebook’s ads manager and understand exactly what your money is being spent on!

We are Laura Moore & Laura Davis, and are both highly experienced social media managers and Facebook ads strategists. We have had first experience of successfully using Facebook & Instagram ads for our clients and our own businesses.

We used to advertise on Facebook with no idea what we were doing, so we know that feeling of dread and regret when the ads bill arrives and you can’t understand how you’ve just given Zuck another chunk of cash and not added any to your own pocket. 

But that was before we got down and dirty with Facebook ads to get to grips with how they work and how to harness their power to bring a return on ad spend.  And now WE LOVE FACEBOOK ADS!!

Did you know Laura D ran a Facebook ads campaign that resulted in over £1.2 million in sales from a £650 ads budget? 


We can’t guarantee that will happen for you but we will give you the skills needed to try!

What’s in the course?

Week 1

What even is ads manager?
We’ll talk you through all the different ways you can build ads so you know your boost from your ads and understand when to rely on building within the Facebook or Instagram app itself.

Week 2

Pixels and campaigns demistified.
Understand exactly when a business will need a pixel and how to get one.  Plus get to grips with which campaign objectives will actually bring you a return on your ad spend.

Week 3

Finding your brands BFFs.
We’ll do a deep dive into audiences and show you how to find the people who are most likely to buy from you and ensure you don’t waste money on people who won’t.

Week 4

Creating a stellar ad.
Time to get to grips with how to write great copy and choose show stopping visuals for your ads so that they stand out for the right reasons… on all platforms… without any additional ad spend!

Week 5

The big build.
We’ll show you how to build your ads from start to finish.  This week involves a live implementation day where we will be on hand to help you with building an ad campaign from scratch.

Week 6

Are my ads even working?
Time to get down and dirty with the data so you’ll know whats working, whats not and what needs to change… so you won’t waste a penny of the budget.

Weekly lessons

Each Friday morning you’ll get access to the next module in the course, which will be delivered by video and accompanying documents. So you’ll be able to work through them at your leisure from anywhere in the world.

Live weekly calls

We’ll be inviting you to join us on a weekly video call so we can answer all the questions that week’s lessons have raised for you.

Group Support

You’ll have direct access to us throughout the week in a private Facebook group so we help you with anything you are struggling with.  We’ll be aiming to grow a community feel so you can also help each other on an ongoing basis.

FREE bonus

For the social media managers and virtual assistants on the course we will also be giving you our guide to hosting a Facebook ads power hour so you can increase your income even more and a short guide to help you to access your clients ad accounts.
“Laura [Moore] oozes Facebook ads knowledge, and this is perfectly combined with her aptitude to help people. She’s diligent, clear and goes above and beyond to make sure all questions are answered, niggles are solved and cracks are smoothed over. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her” Rosie Freeland

How does this differ from other Facebook ads training?

That depends on what you want to do afterwards…


COST £197

A 1:1 power hour with either of us is a good way to get personalised support if you are already using Facebook ads.

There is only so much you can cover in 60 minutes so might not be suitable for anyone without a basic knowledge of ads manager.

Click here to send us an email about booking a power hour.


Anyone already spending money on Facebook


COST £499 

If you want to be able to confidently run Facebook and Instagram ads for your own, or your clients businesses but at the moment can’t envisage a future with your head stuck in ads manager all week then our course is perfect for you.

Over the course of 6 weeks you’ll learn everything you need to know to be able to create Facebook & Instagram ads to find the people most likely to buy from you.  And retarget them if they don’t.

You’ll be confident to create on-going, short term and one off ad campaigns.

And you’ll no longer be baffled by what’s happening in ads manager.

The data will make sense to you and you’ll know how to spot when your ads need tweaking, or turning off entirely.

Includes 2 x Lauras for the price of one!! 



Social media managers, virtual assistants and business owners.

As long as you have access to a Facebook business page and an ad account then this course is perfect for you.


Includes on-going peer support in a free  ads specific Facebook group


COST from £1,000

If you want to focus on becoming a full blown Facebook ads strategist then there are many options out there designed to help you to work with clients who require complex funnels when they are spending bigger budgets.


Social media managers or PPC managers with a good grasp of Facebook.

If you’d like recommendations drop us a line, there are many options we could recommend, many of which provide an on going (paid-for) support group.

This All Sounds Great But…

Do I need to be a social media manager to join ?
No, but you will need a Facebook business page and ad account for your own business if you aren’t a social media manager.
Do I need to be spending money on Facebook Ads?

No.  This course doesn’t require any ad spend at all.  If you want to spend money on ads while learning you are welcome to but the way we are structuring the course means you won’t be building the ads until week 5.

You can use your own, or your clients ad accounts to put all the theory into practice along the way. And we will be on hand to help you whenever you need us.

What if I can't join the live calls?
That’s not a problem.  You can submit your questions beforehand for us to answer on the call and you can watch the replay instead.  You can ask questions throughout the week in the Facebook support group too.
Will you be covering complex funnels?

We will be cover funnels and showing you how they work. However, this course is designed to support businesses who have a small ad spend and therefore wouldn’t be able to use very complex funnels.  

Will I get a qualification?
No I’m afraid not!  But you’re welcome to tell people you’ve been trained by the Lauras!
How does this course compare to others?
That depends what you want from it.  We’ve provided more details about who it’s right for below.
I don't use Facebook, can I still do the course?
You will need to be able to access a Facebook business page and ad account, and you’ll need personal profile on Facebook to do that.  You don’t need to have intricate understanding of how all the Facebook features work.
When does it start?

Our next cohort starts in Feb 2020

Is there on going support afterwards?

Yes! But not in the form of a paid membership. Instead we have a dedicated Facebook ads peer support group which you’d be welcome to join… for free!

Meet your trainers

We are Laura Moore & Laura Davis, we both work as Facebook ads strategists helping our clients to generate leads and increase sales using Facebook ads.

We’ve been doing Facebook marketing, for our own businesses and our clients, since circa 2011.  Back when ads were still barely touched and Instagram wasn’t really a thing!

We have worked through every change made to the algorithm on the platforms over the years and have first hand experience of overcoming those hurdles.

Together we also created The Social Media Managers Toolkit & manage The Hub, an online community for social media managers.

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