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There are so many paid memberships out there right now and it is a minefield when it comes to choosing the one that’s right for you.

We’ve tried tons over the years, some were great some not so great but all taught us something.

Having tried out our fair share of memberships, we believe that when it comes to choosing a good one there are 4 key things that you’ll want to look out for:

#1 Credibility

Is the membership ‘host’ credible? Are they teaching things based on what they’ve achieved themselves or just sharing the theory they picked up somewhere? Are they well known in the industry and backed by others?

#2 Content

The content available within the membership is probably the thing that sells it to us. Good courses, templates, office hours or live trainings. Whatever the content is we think it should be relevant to the members, updated regularly and ideally have a specific outcome.

#3 Community

People often say you join for the content and stay for the community. That might be a Facebook group or a whatsapp message. It might be the wider community in terms of the members or the support the hosts give personally. We are big believers in the hosts of the memberships being present and active in the group, supporting the members and helping them to achieve the promised outcome.

#4 Cost

Does the price reflect the value you are getting? Does it pay for itself in terms of value or content? Some memberships will have member perks which could cover the cost of the joining fee, others help you to make more money so you can pay for the cost of the membership.


What happened when we joined ATOMIC.

We recently joined ATOMIC, a membership run by legends (and pretty lovely guys) Andrew & Pete. And we were blown away by it, it ticks every box on our wish list:

#1 Credibility

Is there anyone more credible than these guys? We’d been fans for a while (secret stalkers.. don’t tell them!) and had learnt a lot from the free content on their YouTube channel. Then earlier this year they’d kindly hosted a training inside our FREE Facebook community.

So when the opportunity arose to join their membership it was a no brainer for us. With free content that good, we knew their paid content would be incredible inside ATOMIC.

We weren’t disappointed.

#2 Content

The ATOMIC membership hosts numerous online courses, masterclasses and expert guest trainings. All of which are insanely good and we need to spend some more time working through some of them.

But in the short time we’ve been in the membership it’s been the famous event days and support from Andrew & Pete themselves that have been the game changers for us. And these are what makes ATOMIC different to other memberships we’ve been part of.


The event days are full days of online live training, and trust us when we say Andrew & Pete’s training is some of the best we’ve ever done. The day consists of several training sessions followed by live Q&A type calls where you can dive deeper into how the learnings could be applied to your own individual business.

So far we have gone from Ground Zero – which has helped us to focus on the things that actually make us money, rather than faffing with the things that don’t – to Friday Reclaim. We’ve already vowed to take Fridays off in 2020 and having put all these steps into place we are well on track to do just that.

Every step we’ve taken after an ATOMIC training has had a positive impact on our businesses. And we’ve seen other Hub members saying the same (there are over 100 Hub members inside ATOMIC).

#3 Community

The community inside ATOMIC is awesome. There’s a wide variety of expertise from around the world and all the members offer great advice and support when you need it. No one is in it for themselves, it’s very much a team spirit inside which is what we are all about.

Andrew & Pete are very present in the group, popping up to answer questions and give advice to all their members on a regular basis. Even if someone else has provided the answers you’ll often see them pop up to agree.

But more than that, they know about everyone’s individual businesses and the advice they give on the live ‘boardroom’ calls is specific to you and your business.. and they keep you accountable to implement it. I don’t know how they do it but they are awsome at it!

 #4 Cost

One of the fundamental features of ATOMIC is that the guys want to help you double your business. So if you follow their advice and do that you will easily cover the costs of your membership.

ATOMIC membership also includes an in person live event.. ATOMICON. So you won’t even need to spend extra cash on that if you want to attend. With world class speakers sharing their expertise to help us grow our businesses even more… we can NOT wait!

So… will we see you in ATOMIC? 

We aren’t the only one’s blown away by what Andrew & Pete are doing:

“I really didn’t expect it to be going quite this well!”
Michaela Parker

Since Michaela joined three months ago she has gone onto quadruple her business! She’s now at capacity and is turning down work and sacking her lower paying clients.

Michaela is only half way through the training and have implemented everything she’s learnt to get to this stage.

Join us and over 100 other Hub members inside  ATOMIC now (affiliate link)


By Laura Moore

Laura is co-founder of The Hub and also helps businesses to generate leads using Facebook and Instagram ads.

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