Winging it when it comes to using Facebook Ads?

It’s time to go beyond that boost button… and start getting great results


Spend money on Facebook AND get results.

Sound good?

Facebook is a noisy place these days. SO. MUCH. CONTENT.

How’s a business supposed to stand out? How are you meant to get your content in front of the perfect person? (And get them to buy from you?)

We’re Laura and Laura .

We’re both Social Media Managers and Facebook™️ Certified Ads Strategists. We’re also the founders of the Social Media Managers Hub Facebook group. Our digital friends all seemed to struggle with the same group of problems:

  • How do I get this content to stand out?
  • How do I get people to go to the website?
  • How do I use ads manager?
  • How do I get people to buy from us?
Laura Moore & Laura Davis, co-founders of The Social Media Managers hub & creators of the social media managers toolkit.

So we decided to make your life a little easier by helping you to use Facebook™️ ads to attract the perfect people, get them to the website and turn them into paying customers.

The social media managers toolkit - review

Stop spending money on ads that have no chance of working! Ditch the confusion about ads manager, optimisations and understanding the data.

We’re giving you everything you need to confidently create ads and understand exactly what your budget is being spent on!

You’ll be learning from our first hand industry experience as we’ve worked on Facebook™️ advertising campaigns for businesses in a variety of industries and even generated leads worth over £1.2million!


WHere should you start? What even is business manager + how does it work?

We start with the basics as we all know there is nothing basic about Facebook™️ ads, this stuff baffles even the most savvy social media pros! (Thanks Zuck)

We’ll jump straight in with Facebooks™️ key ad creation tools and you’ll see immediately why Facebook™️ ads play such a key role in a business’s marketing in 2020.

I learnt so much more than I thought.. I now feel confident to add Facebook™️ advertising as one of my services

Holly Louise Boult


Pixels, campaigns, algorithms

Delve into the mechanics of ads and understand how your set up makes a difference to the outcome.  Then get to grips with how to win in the auction process, even when you only have a tiny % of the daily budget a big brand is spending on the platform.

This is what sets you apart from other people spending money on Facebook™️, and is the keystone in becoming successful on Facebook™️.

I run my own small business and had zero knowledge of FB Ads before I started the course. I now feel feel pretty confident, and if there is anything I have forgotten, I just go back through the lessons. Its super clear, easy to understand, and broken down it a way that makes it simple. I’d highly recommend if you are wanting to get started with ads for your business.

Lianne Carolan


Find your business bffs & get them to take action

A deep dive into audiences so you can find the people who are most likely to convert and won’t waste money on people who won’t. 

Knowing WHO is going to buy from you is one thing. But HOW do you get them to take action?

By Creating a stellar ad.

Stand out from the crowd for the right reasons, draw your reader in and convert them to take the next step. Every. Single. Time. 

Understanding what stops people scrolling, how to talk to them and get them to take that next step is a key part of advertising anywhere, especially on Facebook™️. Where people are time poor and are being distracted by viral videos, great auntie June’s holiday photos and the latest update from their favourite news (or gossip) source.


the big build. Think diy sos for ads – but without nick knowles (and with way less tears)

A step-by-step walk through of the mind-blowing bit of setting everything up. Plus some inside tips to make it a whole lot easier (and quicker).

We’ll be there throughout the whole process, supporting you because we know how scary it can be to hit the publish button knowing you’re about to spend cold hard cash!


Most brilliant was the group where they are ever-present (honestly all my questions were answered in minutes) and happy to answer queries and problems, no matter how trivial!

Emma Lewis


get down and dirty with the data

Are my ads even working though? or is Zuckerburg just taking my cash and buying another yacht?

The data is key to any ads success. So we’ll make sure you understand what it means, how to read it and what you should do based on those numbers.


The course content is current, easy to follow & really inspiring. I’ve learnt so much. The support from both of the Lauras is literally perfect. They are on hand throughout to answer all questions & queries consistently.

Kate Webster


retargeting, funnels, optimising and scaling

Facebook™️ ads are great, but they also offer incredible retargeting powers and by building out the right types of funnels you can start to get even better great results with them.

You’ll also understand when and how to optimise and scale your campaigns so that you can maximise on the results & achieve your overall campaign goals.


I cannot believe I’m only in week 3 of the ads course & I’ve already learned so much. I’m already 10 times more confident talking to my clients about ads. So much so I already have 2 clients that have asked me to run some!

Excellent course so far, it’s fun and easy to engage with, the support has been fantastic – and super quick. Do the Laura’s actually sleep?!

Nat Jeffery

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To the facebook™️ Ads Course

Our next course is autumn 2020



6 weeks lessons with live support for 12 weeks.


Weekly group calls carried out on Zoom


Support & advice available throughout in an exclusive Facebook community.


Video lessons are released every week & are updated regularly.


Lifetime access to all course resources & future updates.

How much time will I need?

We suggest up to an hour to watch the weekly lessons which are released each Friday morning.

Our live group calls, usually last 1 hour, but can sometimes run over. These calls help you gain so even more insight – you can watch the replay if you aren’t able to attend live.

You may wish to allow time to implement, test and be present in the Facebook group to cement your learning even further.

Number of victims of cyber bullying we've helped get 1:1 support.

People trained in Facebook ads

Million £ worth of leads delivered by FB ads for Laura D's clients in 2019

For every place sold we donate to CyberSmile’s Global Support Service, so they can offer 1-to-1 support to a desperate victim of cyberbullying or online abuse, through their Global Support Service.


Do I need to be a social media manager to join ?
No, but you will need a Facebook business page and ad account for your own business if you aren’t a social media manager.

How much time do I need to commit?

We usually say around 2 hours per week. Up to an hour to watch the weekly lessons which are released each Friday morning.

Our live group calls usually last 1 hour, but can sometimes run over. These calls help you gain so even more insight and we’d love to see you on the call if you can make it – you can watch the replay if you aren’t able to attend live.

You may wish to allow time to implement, test and be present in the Facebook group to cement your learning even further.


I don't use Facebook™️, can I still do the course?
You will need to be able to access a Facebook™️ business page and ad account, and you’ll need personal profile on Facebook™️ to do that.  You don’t need to have intricate understanding of how all the Facebook™️ features work.
Do I need to be spending money on Facebook™️ Ads?

No.  This course doesn’t require any ad spend at all.  If you want to spend money on ads while learning you are welcome to but the way we are structuring the course means you won’t be building the ads until week 5.

What if I can't join the live calls?
That’s not a problem.  You can submit your questions beforehand for us to answer on the call and you can watch the replay instead.  You can ask questions throughout the week in the Facebook support group too.
Will I get a qualification?

No sadly not. The only way to get certified is by taking Facebook’s™️ own examinations. 

However, we know how important it is to be able to show you are trained and all our graduates recieve a badge they can display on their website & socials to show they are trained in using Facebook™️ ads.

Is there an exam?

No but we do have an end of course quiz which must be taken in order to receive your graduation badge and join our FREE grads group.

How can I be sure the course will give me what I need?
We want to make sure you get what you need so feel free to drop us an email to ask any questions before you buy.
Is there ongoing support after the course?

Yes! Come and join us in The Inner Hub. Our monthly membership where we support you with all aspects of growing your business as a social media manager and Facebook ads pro.

What are the modules?

We have 6 key modules, one each week as follows:

  1. The basics
    We look at why you should use Facebook ads, dip into all the places you spend money on Facebook & Instagram – did you know there’s 4 key places you can create ads?
    We also get stuck into business manager.
  2. The tech
    We look at the pixel (and walk you through adding it to a WordPress site), dive into the algorithm and campaign objectives.
  3. Audiences.
    We do a deep dive on targeting.
  4. Great ads.
    What makes a really great ad? We cover creative and copy and give you access to our ads library. We’ll also give you some insight into what Facebook really wants from you.
    This week also has a whole lesson on using ads to grow an online audience (email list, groups and pages)
  5.  The build.
    How to build an ad campaign from start to end. Including dynamic ads, social proof and tips to make it easier.
  6. The next level.
    The data, understanding the data & how to use it to optimise and scale. Plus a deep dive on retargeting, funnels troubleshooting.

    We also have separate modules for resources, bonus materials and ongoing learning. Plus we keep all the learning resources regularly updated as Facebook™️ changes so often!