The Facebook™ Ads management course for social media professionals

Confidently deliver Facebook™ Ads Management for your clients – like the social media pro we know you are.

22 February 2021

Would you like to add Facebook™️ Ads Management to your range of social media services?

Or specialize in it?

Or maybe you’re already offering Facebook™️ Ads but worry you should be getting better results for your clients?

The Ads Manager Academy is created by experienced social media professionals (us) for social media professionals (you).

By the end of this 2 week intensive programme you’ll have the skills, knowledge and confidence to expertly deliver Facebook™️ Ads management for clients.

The Facebook™ Ads Management course
for social media pros

Before we tell you about our amazing two-week programme, let's talk about who this is really for:

You're a savvy social media user who knows the benefits of using Facebook™️ advertising for businesses. You're ready to immerse yourself in learning the skills so you can manage ads for businesses.

Whether you're…

An experienced social media manager who has reached a ceiling in their business and wants to offer a new service.

An experienced marketer who is ready to learn the art of paid traffic to get better results for clients.

A budding entrepreneur who wants to start an online business in digital advertising.

A dabbler who is already using Facebook™️ Ads, or boosting posts for clients and is ready to get a better understanding of how to get consistently good results.

You're in the right place and we are going to tell you exactly how Ads Manager Academy will give you all the strategy, inspiration and unrivalled support on your journey to becoming a Facebook™️ Ads Manager.

By the end of this programme you will…


Know exactly what a client needs to get good results

and what might hold them back.

Understand exactly how Ads Manager works

and how to create a high performing ad.

Be able to craft compelling copy which speaks

to your clients audience in a way that makes them take action.

Understand all the targeting options at your fingertips

and be able to get the right message in front of the right people at the right stage of the sales funnel.

Have a good understanding of how to carry out testing

in all areas of a Facebook™️ Ads campaign.

Know what all the data means

so that you can optimise and scale your campaigns to get the best results at the lowest price for your client.

Feel excited to put all this knowledge into action

for your own business, and for clients.

The quality and level of service is absolutely incredible with exceptional guidance, assistance, helpful templates and industry updates.

Investing in yourself when your business in young is always terrifying, but after hearing such amazing things about this course run by the two Lauras, I knew it would be a great investment to make – and I was not wrong.

Both of the Lauras are always on hand to help with super quick responses and continued support even after the course ends. Not only that, but they have managed to create a beautiful community where I feel so comfortable and supported.

If you are in two minds about joining the FB Ads course or the Inner Hub – you are already missing out on something incredible.

CJ Sinclair


Enroll in Ads Manager Academy Today

Three payments of


Two payments of


The course has left me feeling much more confident offering FB & IG ads to clients now & I can’t wait to get started.

I finished the Facebook Ads course this week and I am thrilled.

It was such a comprehensive course from start to finish. I found all the information well presented and separated into easily digested sections.

The support you receive is fantastic, both Laura’s respond so quickly to any query you have, meaning you can move on rapidly from any stumbling blocks.

Marielle Bayliss

The course content is current, easy to follow & really inspiring. I’ve learnt so much.

It's been amazing.

The support from both of the Lauras is literally perfect. They are on hand throughout to answer all questions & queries consistently.

I love that they both are so switched on, know their s*** & have a sense of humour too!

Kate Webster

'I'm already 10 times more confident talking to my clients about ads'

It’s pitched brilliantly so whether you are a newbie social media manager or a seasoned pro, it’s the one for you. The support is great and whenever I had questions they were answered in super quick time!

You get lifetime access to the course so can always refer back as you go and once you complete the course and pass the quiz there’s an awesome group for support and inspo from other ad managers.

I can’t believe what they charge for it!! It’s worth its weight in gold.


Nat Jeffery

It's a massive - affordable - learning opportunity, and the doors it opens in terms of future revenue streams are pretty major.

Since finishing the course this month, my test client wants to employ me to run her ads full time, and I've had queries from prospects that I've been talking to about social media management wanting me to now run ads for them.

Laura Davis and Laura Moore provide fantastic support throughout and have designed the course in a really digestible way.

Having gone from being really quite fearful of Facebook™️ and Instagram ads, armed with my newly acquired knowledge and experience I now totally love them. I'm so glad I took the plunge.

I never felt confident in placing ads, but now I do.

The Lauras provided a really useful set of lessons, guiding you through set up, creative and how to target. The weekly zoom calls were great and went over anything not understood in the lesson. Most brilliant was the group where they are ever-present (honestly all my questions were answered in minutes) and happy to answer queries and problems. No matter how trivial!  Would really recommend.

Emma Lewis

Without doubt, The Hub has been the BEST investment I’ve made not only in my business but in myself too.

The Facebook Ads course is bloody brilliant and will up-skill you to have the detailed knowledge and confidence to offer Facebook & Instagram Ads for your clients.

The Lauras have literally thought of everything you could possibly need or want to successfully run your social media business.

Louise Keher

I’m confident now that I can start making lots of money from Facebook ads now.

I’ve just completed the Facebook ads course and I can’t recommend it enough.

I’ve learnt so much in this course, there was so much to building ads that I hadn’t previously known and probably never would have if I hadn’t done the course.

The support is amazing, from the other group members and both Laura’s. On a day to day basis if you have any questions you can ask them in the group and one of the Laura’s will get back to you quickly so that you aren’t stuck for too long. 

Sarah Reuger

Want to learn about Facebook Ads? Learn from the best!

The Lauras are amazing, the course is easy to understand, follow and digest and the people you will meet on the course are fantastic. Well worth the investment and time.

The Q&A's are great and give you the boost you need if you're struggling with a particular task or module. Invest!! You'll be glad you did.

Alexandra Jones

I feel confident in selling this very lucrative service to clients. In fact, I made my money back before I finished the course.

I recently completed the FB Ads Course and it was fantastic. Easy to follow and not long to feel like an expert in what seemed a very complex subject.  

I've seen less structured FB Ads courses for several times more cost. More than all of that though is the dedication and support of The Lauras, who genuinely care and want you to feel fully skilled, confident, earning more and actually enjoying your business.

Joanne  Saint

I would highly recommend the Facebook Ads course to anyone wanting to up their skillset. You will be in good hands!

Thoroughly enjoyed the Facebook Ads course, run by the Laura’s. Loads of support provided through their Facebook Page and on the calls where you get your questions answered and the opportunity to share your screen.

Any questions I posted to the group were answered quickly. They live and breath Ads! The Laura’s are truly amazing, very experienced and know their stuff about Facebook Ads.

Nicole Doughton

What's inside Ads Manager Academy?

During this 2 week programme, you'll get access to video tutorials, downloadable workbooks, checklists and cheatsheets. You'll also have daily live Q&A's, a Facebook™ group – and yes, you even get a badge when you pass the final assessment (and who doesn’t love a badge?!?)

Here’s how we’re going to equip you to confidently manage Facebook™ Ads for your clients.

Read through the curriculum


This programme is structured over two weeks with daily lessons

Week one is all about the strategy of managing ads, creating funnels and getting results.

Week 2 covers the mechanics of getting everything set up inside Ads Manager.

day one

The Not-So Basic Basics


We'll start out by taking you back to basics to understand exactly why Facebook™️ Ads are an essential part of marketing. You'll have total clarity on where you should create ads to get the very best results for your clients (there are four places you can do this).

You're going to get on the fast track to understanding which businesses can benefit from using ads, and exactly what they'll need in place before spending any money.

Finally we'll start encouraging you, right from day one, to position yourself as an ads manager, and we'll give you some tools to do that.


✔️  Learn the fundamentals of working with paying clients as an ads manager.

✔️ Discover the framework of a high performing ad and how each part of an ad has a key part to play in order to get a viewer to take action.

✔️ Start positioning yourself as an ads manager with our social media templates which you can re-brand to suit your own style.

✔️ Downloadable glossary to refer back to throughout the course so you never get stuck. You can repurpose this to create your own lead magnet to attract clients in the future.

day two

Identifying Your Clients Goals And How To Achieve Them

The difference between a ‘meh' Facebook™️ Ad, and one that really converts starts with understanding what the goals are and how you can make Facebook™️ work for you to achieve them.

You'll learn how to translate your client's aims into ad campaigns and how to make the key decisions that affect your ad campaigns from day one.

We'll introduce you the 3 layers of a Facebook™️ Ad, talk about budgets and introduce you to scaling.


✔️ You'll get to grips with the anatomy of Ads Manager so you'll know exactly what happens at each level and where to set your budgets to get the best results.

✔️ We'll also go in-depth on budgets so you know how much you need to spend at each stage of the sales funnel.

✔️  Learn which campaign objectives will work for clients based on their specific goals and how you'll optimise to achieve results.

✔️ We'll finish off by investigating competitors ads so you will never be lost for inspiration when it comes to creating your own.

day three

Scroll-Stopping Creative

The right combination of visuals and text will maximise the likelihood of your ad being displayed in your target audiences’ Facebook™️ feed, and the chances of them noticing it (rather than scrolling on by).

You'll discover how the human brain processes content on social media and how we react when an ad is displayed in our newsfeed so you have a clear understanding of how best to capture attention in all seventeen placements available to you with Facebook™️ Ads.


✔️ You'll learn how best to capture attention in a busy newsfeed.

✔️ We'll also be giving you access to our swipe file full of hundreds of ads from various industries. All great examples of ads that have captured our attention in the past.


day four

Copy That Makes People Take Action


By now you'll understand how the human brain works when an ad is displayed in the newsfeed so you'll know how to get someone to stop scrolling. The next step is to push them to take action with compelling copy.

You're going to get the onboarding workbook that we use with clients to ensure we have all the information required to understand their offer and the clients they want to attract. Without this, it's impossible to craft the right copy for our testing process.

You'll learn how to talk directly to your target audience by carrying out research around the language they use.


✔️ We'll show you a great hack for researching for your ad copy which works with almost all industries, products and services.

✔️ You'll understand how all the written elements of an ad work together to take people from stranger to intrigued clicker, to buyer.

day five

Showing the right people the right ads, at the right time.

Unlike print, TV or billboard advertising, Facebook™️ allows you to only pay to display your ads to the people most likely to buy from you – but first, you need to identify who those people are.

Getting the best results for your client will rely on testing and in this module, you'll learn which audiences to test at each stage of the funnels.

And you'll get to grips with the strategy of Facebook™️ advertising funnels so you can take someone from click to customer.


✔️ You'll discover a little known tool inside of Facebook that allows you to get more insight into your audience behaviour.

✔️ Delve into the wondrous world of Facebook™️ funnels – which aren't as complex as people would have you believe!

day six

Telling Facebook Who Should See Your Ads

We've covered the strategy so it's time to move into the technical aspects of Facebook™️ Ads and we're starting with the Pixel. You'll discover exactly how powerful this feature is, and why every website should have one.

You'll see how it can help you track your campaigns and results and we'll also show you how to access all the information a client needs to get their Pixel set up correctly.

Then we'll move on to Audiences and will show you exactly how to build, and use the three audience options available to you.


✔️ You'll see how to check a pixel is installed and firing correctly – even if you don't have access to their ad account.

✔️ We'll not only show you how to show your ads to the right people, but you'll also discover how to ensure you don't waste money displaying ads to the wrong people. 

✔️ You'll learn how to set up audiences for each stage of the funnel so that you aren't confusing your messaging by showing ads to people at the wrong time.

✔️ Audience size is important so we'll also give you some guidance on minimum audience sizes.

day seven

Getting To Grips With The Mechanics


By this module you'll already know how to create all the key elements you need for your Facebook™️ Ad campaign. Next, we’ll show you how to pull it all together inside Ads Manager so you can confidently get your ads live, knowing you’ve put all the right things, in all the right places.


✔️ You'll learn about using CBO V ABO (which is just jargon now, but will make perfect sense by the time you start this module!) and whether you should be using daily or life-time budgets to get the best results for your clients.

✔️ We'll show you exactly how to set up each level of your campaign including which placements you should turn on and how you'll optimise for the results you want to achieve.

✔️ Finally, you'll discover how to ensure your ads look great no matter where someone sees them.

day eight

More Of The Mechanics


It's time to learn about some additional features that can take your ad campaigns to the next level.

Discover how Facebook's AI can do the hard work for you with Dynamic Product Ads and Dynamic Creative.


✔️ Testing is key for your ads, so we'll show you how to create multiple versions of your ads using both manual and automatic duplication options.

✔️ Social Proof can help you get better results on your ads, so we'll show you how to ensure you don't lose it on your best performing ads, and how to add more. You'll also discover how you can see and respond to comments on ads to create even more engagement.

✔️ Finally, you'll get to grips with the Learning Phase to understand how Facebook™️'s machine learning system can show your ads to the right people.


day nine

Getting To Grips With The Data

In the penultimate module, you'll learn how to carry out testing to ensure you are always working to achieve the best results, at the lowest costs for your clients.

Facebook™️ offers many data points so you can discover how well your ads are performing and in this module, we'll show you how to access, and decipher, the data that's most relevant to you.

We'll also show you the soft stats you should check for all your campaigns, and give you some benchmarks to aim for.


✔️ Learn our 2:5:8 testing strategy

✔️ Download our guide to deciphering Quality Rankings so you'll know exactly what part of your campaigns should be adjusted.

day ten



In this final module, we'll give you our troubleshooting guide so you know exactly how to fix any issues you might come up against when managing Facebook Ads.

By now you'll know exactly how to strategically plan and execute a Facebook™️ advertising campaign and will be ready to take on a client.

We'll ensure you're ready to go and find clients by giving you access to the Ads Managers Toolkit with all the information, tools and templates you'll need to find, win and work with clients as an Ads Manager.

And we'll round off the programme by giving you access to our final assessment quiz. But take a breath, there's no rush. You've got lifetime access to these course materials and the quiz. So you can tackle these final questions when you feel ready, and you can retake the quiz as many times as you need to.

Once you've passed you'll get a special badge to display on your website and social media to ensure people know you have trained in Facebook™️ Advertising. And, if you're a member of The Inner Hub (our membership for social media pros) you'll be able to display your badge alongside your listing on the Meet The Social Pro™️ directory.

When You Enrol Today You Get

(value £1247)

10 modules showing you literally everything you need to know to create and manage Facebook™️ Advertising campaigns for clients
Step-by-step tutorials showing you how to set up everything from scratch plus how to optimise and scale.
Downloadable workbooks, checklists and cheatsheets to help you implement your learning and create a strategic campaign plan for clients.
Searchable video vault We've answered literally hundreds of questions about all aspects of advertising so if you have a question you can bet we've answered it before. Use our innovative search function to find answers at the click of a button.

You'll get access to a new module each day during this 2 week programme, with up to 1 hour of video lessons followed by a live Q&A in our Facebook group.

This to allow you to focus your attention on learning and getting the answers you need quicker than ever. While sparing you from falling down a rabbit hole, waiting for information and losing momentum along the way.


Plus these BONUSES to help you get motivated (and stay motivated) on your road to becoming an Ads Manager.

total value £1782


Ten LIVE Q&A's With The Lauras Inside The Private Ads Manager Academy Facebook™️ Group For Students Only.

We've cleared our diaries so we can support you fully throughout the programme. You'll have questions and we'll be there to answer them every step of the way – sometimes within minutes – so you can keep moving forwards without delay.

What you'll get:

Daily LIVE Q&A's in the Facebook group (Monday – Friday) to make sure you get answers to all your burning questions so you can move on with confidence.
A highly supportive community with your fellow students, The Hub Team and The Lauras ready to support you through every step of your learning.
A space to ask questions, sense check ideas and get motivated and fired up with ideas on your way to becoming a Facebook™️ Ads manager. 
At the end of the programme you'll retain access to the content in the archived group and get an invitation to our membership, The Inner Hub where you can get ongoing support with growing your business as a Facebook™️ Ad manager.

Value £990



The Ads Managers Toolkit.

We're giving you lifetime access to everything we've used to find, win and onboard clients as freelance Ads Managers ourselves.

You'll get lessons, downloadable workbooks, checklists and adaptable Canva templates to help you in your freelance business.

What you'll get:

Step by step system – We're giving you our complete system from finding a lead to onboarding them as a client.
Business review workbook – Gather all the crucial information you need to manage ads for your clients in this customisable workbook. Simply edit the Canva template to match your brand style and send over to your client. 
Unless you want to build out an agency, there are only so many clients you can manage at a time. We're giving you guidance on three ways to diversify your offering and top up your income.
We're giving you our workshop and masterclass slides and full guidance on how to deliver training with them. Built in Canva, these slides are fully customisable to your own brand style.

Value £199





with both Laura Moore & Laura Davis

You'll have the opportunity to join us on 3 office hour drop-in sessions hosted on Zoom.

Get some face to face time with us to answer your questions and take a look inside your ad accounts to troubleshoot any issues you are facing.

Two sessions during the programme and one a few weeks later – dates to be confirmed.

Value £294

When you pay in full you'll also get




The Ads Managers Advertising Funnel Blueprint.

To help you get started with your own ad campaigns we are giving you our own Facebook™️ Ads funnel blueprint. You'll be able to use this to create a campaign drive traffic and generate leads.


What you'll get:

Funnel blueprintShowing you how each stage of this two-step funnel should be set up.
Ad copy – written by professional copywriters for your bottom of funnel ads. This copy can be edited to suit your tone of voice.
Video lesson walking you through exactly how to use this funnel blueprint.

Value £299

You got questions? We've got answers

I’ve never run Facebook Ads before, can I join?
Yes! You’ve found us at the perfect time – before you’ve wasted your precious money on poorly planned campaigns. We start from the very not-so-basic basics, and our live Q&A and Facebook group mean it’s easy for you to get help if you’re struggling with anything.
I’m not a social media manager, can I join?
Absolutely. So long as you have a Facebook Page and ad account for your own business you’ll be able to successfully complete this course and start using what you learn to promote your own business.


“I run my own small business and had zero knowledge of FB Ads before I started the course. I now feel pretty confident, and if there is anything I have forgotten, I just go back through the lessons. It's super clear, easy to understand, and broken down in a way that makes it simple. I’d highly recommend if you are wanting to get started with ads for your business.” – Lianne Carolan

Why is this a 2 week programme?
Over 250 people have been through Ads Manager Academy now and we've discovered two things.

1) Students want to learn faster.

2) They want all the information before working with a client.

With Facebook™️ Ads, your real learning comes when putting it all into action, working on live campaigns.

So in theory it makes sense to train over a long period and work with a test client while learning.

But in reality, we've found this doesn't work because you'll want to know everything about ads before managing them for yourself or someone else.

We found that students would get into the ‘learning zone' and be disappointed when they couldn't get access to the following module for another week.

We know that people learn better when they are in able to put the pieces of the puzzle together without distraction or delay.

So we have structured this programme into 2 weeks with full-on support throughout.

Week 1 is all about the strategy of managing ads, creating funnels and getting the best results and week 2 is the mechanics of setting everything up inside Ads Manager.

Lessons opening each day (Monday to Friday) and we've blocked out our diaries to support you throughout with a live Q&A from us each weekday and 9-5 support in the Facebook™️ group from us and our team.


I’m a pretty busy bee - how much time will I need to commit to this?
Can you spare 2 hours a day for 10 days?

That’s the minimum we’d suggest you need to allow for making your way through the course materials and watching the daily live Q&A (or the replay).

And if you have any ‘spare time’, dive into the Facebook™️ group, as you’ll learn from other students' questions as much as your own.

We have blocked out our diaries for the entirety of the programme so we can show up for you, if your serious about taking your business to the next level we'd advise you block the time out now so you can make the most of this opportunity.

Why is this cheaper than other well known courses?
As far as we know, there are no other intensive courses like this specifically for social media pros.

But we’ve deliberately kept our course costs down to ensure it is accessible to social media managers or VA’s looking to up-skill.  Our lessons cover everything from the very basics for beginners right up to retargeting, funnels, audience building and much more.

We’re social media managers ourselves, and remember that frustrating feeling of wanting to develop our skills, but not wanting to get into debt to do it.

We’ve kept the price at a level that makes it possible for us to give you our full attention, while keeping it as affordable as possible for those who need it.

Do I need to spend money on Facebook Ads to complete the course?
No, in fact, there won't be time for that during the course. But once the programme is over we will encourage you to implement all the techniques we have taught you with either your own advertising budget or a client's budget.
The live Q&As - how do they work, and what if I can’t make them?
The daily Q&A's are delivered in the Facebook™️ group and we'll encourage you to submit questions in advance as well as during the live session. 

But if you can’t attend live then you can watch the replay instead – we use some very clever software which allows you to search for your specific question so you don't have to watch the whole video to find the answer you are looking for.

We'll also be available during some drop-in office hours on Zoom if you need more support.

How up to date is the course?
Changeable, mercurial, capricious – they do like to make changes to the Facebook™️ Ads platform.

They change it at short notice, no notice, long notice, or sometimes after giving us notice they don’t make the changes after all – we created a video on the Campaign Budget Optimization change – and then it never happened.

And some people get the changes right away, and other people are hanging on for months/years (each of the Lauras has a different version of the Business Manager platform).

So, we update it as often as we need to. And should something significant change during the programme then you'll get a live update as it happens!

Will I get a qualification?
The only way to get officially certified is by taking Facebook's™️ own examinations.

However, we know how important it is to be able to show you are trained, so we’ve added an assessment at the end of the course, and everyone who completes it successfully will receive a badge they can display on their website & socials to show they are trained in using Facebook™️ ads.

Just like your driving test, you can take the quiz as many times as you need to.

You can also display your grads badge on your listing on our Meet The Social Pro™️ directory if you are a member of The Inner Hub.

How can I be sure the course will give me what I need?
We want to make sure you get what you need so feel free to drop us an email to ask any questions before you buy.
When is the course?
The programme starts on 22nd February and ends on 5th March.

Once you sign up you'll get an email with all the details you need, including an invitation to the Facebook group where your cohort will be hanging out throughout the course.

 Still making up your mind? 

You should join Ads Manager Academy if any of the following sounds like you:

You want to feel confident charging a premium for this highly valuable and sought after skill.


You are, or would like to, manage ads for clients. Either exclusively focussing on this service or as an add-on to your existing offers.

You think you could be getting better results with your clients budget and want to learn how to expertly create ads for each stage of their funnel. 

You learn best when you have access to an expert (or two in this case) who can answer your questions and help you feel more confident setting ads up, testing and interpreting the data.

You want to level up, and get results fast. This is a 2-week intensive programme with lessons delivered every day (Mon-Fri) so you won't have to wait for weeks to get access to the knowledge you want now.

We cannot wait to guide you through the Ads Manager Academy.

Between us, we have over 18 years experience in social media marketing, across multiple industries.

We’re marketers, experienced marketers, who are also experienced with Facebook™️ Ads. We understand how to use Facebook™️ Ads as part of a sales funnel to turn strangers into paying customers.

We work with a variety of clients on both ecomm and lead generation campaigns as well as using ads for our own business and we get great results.

Laura D even generated leads of over £1.2million for one client in 2019!

We know what is working because we are managing ads – for ourselves and our clients.

If you're a social media manager, virtual assistant or digital marketer of any kind you owe it to yourself and your clients to ensure you fully understand how to harness the power of Facebook™️ Ads.

And we cannot wait to share all of this with you.

We look forward to welcoming you personally inside the Ads Manager Academy.

Similar To Other Facebook™️ Ads Courses – But Better

We’d love to spin some tale of how only we know the mystical ways, the secret hacks, the ninja skills to create and manage a high converting ad campaign.

But that would be Baloney Sandwich and we don’t sell BS.

Facebook™️ Ads are NOT a dark art (despite what others will tell you)

Facebook™️ want ads to generate cash for them, and the people running them. Because if they didn’t, fewer people would spend money promoting their businesses.

So although it’s tricky to navigate the platform, and to know how to make the best use of a budget, and which boxes to tick, which toggles to slide, what creative to use where…..although there are a lot of variables to consider and decisions to make, it is totally possible to learn this stuff and implement it.

Which means that fundamentally all the good Facebook™️ Ads courses out there (and there are many) will cover the same ground.

So the real decision is who you want to learn from, and how much time do you have spare to commit to learning?

Confidently deliver Facebook™ Ads Management for your clients

– like the social media pro we know you are.

Three payments of


Two payments of


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