The Facebook™ Ads management course for social media professionals

Confidently deliver Facebook™ Ads Management for your clients

– like the social media pro we know you are.

Would you like to add Facebook™️ Ads Management to your range of social media services?

Or specialize in it?

Or maybe you’re already offering Facebook™️ Ads but worry you should be getting better results for your clients?

The Ads Manager Academy is created by experienced social media professionals (us) for social media professionals (you).

 We’re offering the perfect blend of accountability with flexibility, theory with implementation.

By the end of the 8 weeks programme you’ll have the skills, knowledge and confidence to expertly deliver Facebook™️ Ads management for clients.

Most brilliant was the group where they are ever-present (honestly all my questions were answered in minutes) and happy to answer
Emma Lewis

“I cannot believe I’m only in week 3 of the ads course & I’ve already learned so much. I’m already 10 times more confident talking to my clients about ads. 

Excellent course it’s fun and easy to engage with, the support has been fantastic – and super quick.

Nat Jeffery

The course content is current, easy to follow & really inspiring. I’ve learnt so much. The support from both of the Lauras is literally perfect. They are on hand throughout to answer all questions & queries consistently. 
Kate Webster

The Facebook™ Ads Management course
for social media pros

Six modules, 8 weeks, video tutorials, weekly live calls, a Facebook™ group – and yes, you even get a badge when you pass the final assessment (and who doesn’t love a badge?!?)

Here’s how we’re going to equip you to confidently deliver Facebook™ Ads Management for your clients.

Module 1: The not-so-basic basics. Ads Manager, Business Manager and more

There is nothing basic about Facebook™️ Ads – this stuff baffles even the most savvy social media pros! (Thanks Zuck) so we’re giving you a guided tour of the tools, screens and dashboards you can expect to see when managing ads
  • Key facts about Facebook™️ Ads which you can use to look like an absolute boss when you quote them to your clients/prospects and convince them you and ads are worth their precious pennies.
  • How to use information easily accessible on Facebook™️ to learn from other Pages’ ads.
  • The four ways, outside of Ads Manager, you can place ads and the benefits and drawbacks of each.
  • Tour inside Ads manager including how to make sense of the walls of data, graphs, maps and more.
  • Inside Business Manager, why and when you should be using it and how it relates to your clients’ accounts.

Module 2: Getting to grips with the mechanics

Let’s take a peek inside the machine, because when you understand how it works, you can use that knowledge to your (and your clients’) advantage. 
We'll cover:
  • Pixel – what it is, and how to get it working correctly on Leadpages and WordPress
  • Campaign Objectives – what your options are and which to choose when
  • Beating the Facebook™️ Algorithm – understand how Facebook™️ allocates space in the newsfeed, so you can win in the auction process, even when you only have a tiny % of the daily budget a big brand is spending on the platform.

Module 3: Telling Facebook™️ who should see your ad

Unlike print, TV or billboard advertising, Facebook™️ Ads allows you to only pay to display your ads to the people most likely to buy from you – but first, you need to be clever enough to know who those people are. 
In this module we cover:
  • How to get to know your clients’ audience so you can find more of them
  • Saved, Custom, and Lookalike Audiences – when, why and how to use each of these Audience types
  • How to use the Audience Overlap tool to prevent ad fatigue
  • Suggested Audience sizes depending on objective and how warm the audience is

Module 4: Scroll-stopping creatives

The right combination of visuals and text (or ‘copy’) will maximise the likelihood of your ad being displayed in your target audiences’ Facebook™️ feed, and the chances of them noticing it (rather than scrolling on by).
In this module we’ll show you:
    • How to choose the right images, video and copy for your ad
    • How the Facebook™️ algorithm uses the ad content to determine how many people see your ad
    • How to use Facebook™️ Ads to grow an online audience

    Plus –

    • Be inspired by the examples in our growing (swipe file) library of the Facebook™️ Ads we love
    • Respond to our four example client briefs so you can practise planning client campaigns

Module 5: Build it and they will come 

So far, we’ve helped you create all the key elements you need for your Facebook™️ Ad campaign. Now we’ll show you how to pull it altogether inside Ads Manager so you can confidently get your ads live, knowing you’ve put all the right things, in all the right places:
    • We'll  walk you through setting up a campaign step-by-step
    • Campaign Budget Optimization – what it is and how to use it (if you want to)
    • Understand Daily vs Lifetime budgets and how to choose which is best for your campaign
    • Which boxes to tick and toggles to select when optimizing for conversion
    • Using the Dynamic Creative function to test your ad visuals and text and find what works best for your audience
    • How to edit and duplicate ads when to choose each function
    • Keeping all those lovely likes, shares and comments when using the same ad in different Campaigns. And what you must avoid doing (or those likes, comments and shares will be reset to zero)
    • Why it’s important to DO NOTHING for a few days after you first publish an Ad/Campaign

Module 6: Funnels! And how to use Facebook™️ Ads to build one

Comments, shares, likes are nice to have but how do you know the money spent on Ads is resulting in sales? Most importantly, how do you show that to your client? In this module we walk you through sales funnels and the role different ads will play in nudging your target clients towards making a purchase. Then we dive into the data to understand whether your ads are achieving what you want them to, and what to do if they’re not.
  • Sales funnels explained so you can understand the role ads play, how to use retargeting, plus examples of funnels for three different businesses
  • Inside Ads Manager is a WALL of data – we’ll show you what to focus on
  • Relevance scores are out, quality rankings are in – how to interpret them and what action to take when, plus our Ranking Recommendations download to print and keep to help you respond to poor ranking scores.
  • How to use the Breakdown reporting function and what to do with those insights
  • How to test thoroughly, including how to make best use of a limited budget, and when’s the right time to make decisions and changes
  • Downloadable troubleshooting guide for six most common set-up and performance problems

Assessment Unlocked

You can now take the final quiz – but take a breath, there’s no rush. You’ve got lifetime access to the course material and the quiz, so you can tackle those final questions when you feel ready. And you can retake the quiz as many times as you need to.

Online learning plus full support throughout the 8 weeks with live calls and a community Facebook group

Teaching for each module is delivered via a pre-recorded video, so you can watch whenever you want. Once released, you’ll have lifetime access to these videos so you’ll be able to refresh your knowledge whenever you need to.
Every week we host an hour-long live Q&A call via Zoom. Show up with your questions to get personal feedback and help from at least one Laura. You’re also very welcome to spectate or watch the replay – it’s amazing how much you can learn from listening to the answers we give others.
We know that if you’ve got questions, your progress depends on getting answers, quickly. 150+ people have completed this course so far, and the most common feedback we get is that we are very supportive and responsive. The Facebook™️ group is a place where you can interact with us, your fellow course participants, and read the answers we give to others.
At the end of each module you’ll have the opportunity to complete a quick quiz to check you’ve understood the material. We strongly encourage you to take each quiz as with Facebook™️ Ads it’s difficult to be sure of how much you know. You may feel confident you’ve got it all figured out, when actually you’ve misunderstood a key concept. Equally, you may be feeling a little wobbly or unsure, but actually have a thorough knowledge. The quiz is an opportunity for a more objective assessment of your progress.
Each module also includes a simple, but important task to complete every week to help put the theory into practice. With Facebook™️ the deepest learning happens during implementation, so we’ve made that a key part of our course.
When you’ve completed all six modules, you’ll be able to take the final quiz, to assess how well you’ve understood the material and how ready you are to manage Facebook Ads™️.  Just like your driving test, you can attempt this as many times as you need to, but you won’t be given a pass just for turning up – you do need to demonstrate you meet a certain standard. Once you’ve successfully passed the quiz you’ll be emailed a digital badge to display on your website and social media.

You think you know The Lauras….but did you know this?

Between us we have over 18 years experience in social media marketing, across multiple industries.

We’re marketers, experienced marketers, who are also experienced with Facebook™️ Ads. We understand how to use Facebook™️ Ads as part of a sales funnel to turn strangers into paying customers.

We work with a variety of clients on both ecomm and lead generation campaigns as well as using ads for our own business and we get great results.

Laura D even generated leads of over £1.2million for one client in 2019!

We know what is working right now, because we are managing ads right now – for ourselves and our clients.

“Laura Davis and Laura Moore are so committed to helping everyone – nothing is too much and they share their knowledge brilliantly.” 
Jo Smart

I learnt so much more than I thought. I now feel confident to add Facebook™️ advertising as one of my services 
Holly Louise Boult

Similar To Other Facebook™️ Ads
Courses – But Better

We’d love to spin some tale of how only we know the mystical ways, the secret hacks, the ninja skills to create and manage a high converting ad campaign.

But that would be Baloney Sandwich and we don’t sell BS.


Facebook™️ Ads are not a Dark Art.

Facebook™️ want ads to generate cash for them, and the people running them. Because if they didn’t, fewer people would spend money promoting their businesses.

So although it’s tricky to navigate the platform, and to know how to make best use of a budget, and which boxes to tick, which toggles to slide, what creative to use where…..although there are a lot of variables to consider and decisions to make, it is totally possible to learn this stuff and implement it.

Which means that fundamentally all the good Facebook™️ Ads courses out there (and there are many) will cover the same ground.


We want you to choose the ads manager academy if:


You like us – serious, we're going to be spending a lot of time together over the 8 week course, and it'll be a lot more fun for everyone if you enjoy interacting with us.

You want direct access to TWO highly experienced Facebook™️ Ads managers, with proven track records of delivering great client results.

You want the perfect blend of self-led learning and support, flexibility and accountability – We’ve delivered this course multiple times, plus multiple other programmes, and we also run our social media businesses, alongside taking care of our families.

Investing in yourself when your business in young is always terrifying, but after hearing such amazing things about this course run by the two Lauras, I knew it would be a great investment to make – and I was not wrong. The quality and level of service is absolutely incredible with exceptional guidance, assistance, helpful templates and industry updates. Both of the Lauras are always on hand to help with super quick responses and continued support even after the course ends. Not only that, but they have managed to create a beautiful community where I feel so comfortable and supported. If you are in two minds about joining the FB Ads course or the Inner Hub – you are already missing out on something incredible.
CJ Sinclair

If anyone is sitting on the fence wondering whether to join the next Ads Manager Academy cohort, I'd say, if you can, do it! It's a massive – affordable – learning opportunity, and the doors it opens in terms of future revenue streams are pretty major. Since finishing the course this month, my test client wants to employ me to run her ads full time, and I've had queries from prospects that I've been talking to about social media management wanting me to now run ads for them. Laura Davis and Laura Moore provide fantastic support throughout and have designed the course in a really digestible way. The course content is really interesting and engaging, and highlights just how tricky social ads can be to get right. Having gone from being really quite fearful of Facebook™️ and Instagram ads, armed with my newly acquired knowledge and experience I now totally love them. I'm so glad I took the plunge.
Pippa Shakespeare

is for you if:


You are, or would like to manage social media ads for clients – either exclusively focussing on this service, or as an add-on to your existing offers


You think you could be getting better results with your client's budget – or even if you're totally new to managing ads


You learn best when you have access to an expert (or two in this case) who can answer your questions.


You want to expertly create ads for each stage of your client's funnels.


You want to feel more confident setting ads up, testing audiences and ad creative, and interpreting and responding to the data for each campaign.


You are, or would like to manage social media ads for clients – either exclusively focussing on this service, or as an add-on to your existing offers


You want to feel confident charging a premium for this highly valuable and sought after skill.

You got questions? We've got answers..

I’ve never run Facebook Ads before, can I join?
Yes! You’ve found us at the perfect time – before you’ve wasted your precious money on poorly planned campaigns. We start from the very not-so-basic basics, and our weekly live Q&A and Facebook group means it’s easy for you to get help if you’re struggling with anything.
I’m not a social media manager, can I join?
Absolutely. So long as you have a Facebook Page and ad account for your own business you’ll be able to successfully complete this course and start using what you learn to promote your own business.


“I run my own small business and had zero knowledge of FB Ads before I started the course. I now feel pretty confident, and if there is anything I have forgotten, I just go back through the lessons. It's super clear, easy to understand, and broken down in a way that makes it simple. I’d highly recommend if you are wanting to get started with ads for your business.” – Lianne Carolan

I’m a pretty busy bee - how much time will I need to commit to this?
Can you spare 2 hours a week? That’s the minimum we’d suggest you need to allow for making your way through the course materials and attending the weekly calls (or watching the replay).


And if you have any ‘spare time’, dive into the Facebook™️ group regularly as you’ll learn from other students' questions as much as your own.


We’ve added in two extra weeks of support (week 4 and week 8) when there are no new modules released, but you can still attend a live Q&A call. We’ve added these in as catch-up weeks because we know everyone’s experiencing additional pressures on their time right now (with children off school, and challenging queues at your usual supermarket when all you want is a fresh bottle of gin).

Why is this cheaper than other well known courses?
We’ve deliberately kept our course costs down to ensure it is accessible to small business owners and social media managers or VA’s looking to up-skill.  Our lessons cover everything from the very basics for beginners right up to retargeting, funnels, audience building and much Secure your space on the September cohort now for a one-off investment of £599 + VAT

more. We’re social media managers ourselves, and remember that frustrating feeling of wanting to develop our skills, but not wanting to get into debt to do it. We’ve kept the price at a level that makes it possible for us to give you 8 weeks of support, while keeping it as affordable as possible for those who need it.

Do I need to spend money on Facebook Ads to complete the course?
Strictly speaking, no you don’t. But it would be helpful if you could spend at least £30 on ads during Module 5 so you can start putting what you’re learning into practice, and gather some data to analyse. That’s another reason we kept the price of the course so low – so we could leave breathing room for you to spend money on ads and learn through implementation. 
The live calls - when are they, and what if I can’t make them?
The calls tend to be at x time on x day of the week, and are held over Zoom. You don’t have to activate your camera or mic if you want to just listen in while multitasking (cooking, laundry, playing with Lego) and type your questions or comments into the chat if you want to join in. If you can’t attend live you can submit your questions beforehand for us to answer on the call and you can watch the replay instead.  You can also ask questions throughout the week in the Facebook support group.
How up to date is the course?
Changeable, mercurial, capricious – they do like to make changes to the Facebook™️ Ads platform. They change it at short notice, no notice, long notice, or sometimes after giving us notice they don’t make the changes after all – we created a video on the Campaign Budget Optimization change – and then it never happened. And some people get the changes right away, and other people are hanging on for months/years (each of the Lauras has a different version of the Business Manager platform).
Will I get a qualification?
The only way to get officially certified is by taking Facebook's™️ own examinations.


However, we know how important it is to be able to show you are trained, so we’ve added an assessment at the end of the course, and everyone who completes it successfully will receive a badge they can display on their website & socials to show they are trained in using Facebook™️ ads.


Just like your driving test, you can take the quiz as many times as you need to.


After successfully completing the assessment you’ll also be able to join our Facebook group exclusively for course graduates (at no additional charge).

How can I be sure the course will give me what I need?
We want to make sure you get what you need so feel free to drop us an email to ask any questions before you buy.

Confidently deliver Facebook™ Ads Management for your clients

– like the social media pro we know you are.

pay in full


One payment to secure your space

split payments


Two payments of £625

The Lauras have literally thought of everything you could possibly need or want to successfully run your social media business.

The course is bloody brilliant and will up-skill you to have the detailed knowledge and confidence to offer Facebook & Instagram ads for your clients.

Louise Keher

Throughly enjoyed the course, run by the Laura’s. Loads of support provided through their Facebook Page and on their weekly Zoom calls where you get your questions answered and the opportunity to share your screen. Any questions I posted to their FB Page were answered quickly. (They live and breath Ads!) The Laura’s are truly amazing, very experienced and know their stuff about Facebook Ads. 
Nicole Doughton

I recently completed the course and it was fantastic. Easy to follow and not long to feel like an expert in what seemed a very complex subject. I made my money back before I finished the course.

I've seen less structured Facebook™️ Ads courses for several times more cost. More than all of that though, is the dedication and support of The Lauras, who genuinely care and want you to feel fully skilled, confident, earning more and actually enjoying your business. 

Joanne Saint